Interviewing Innovators: A Liquid Biopsy with Dr. Oguzhan Atay, CEO, BillionToOne

What if we could replace every biopsy with a blood test?  …a liquid biopsy.  Systems have accelerated.  It’s now possible to positively impact millions in short time frame. Access is key to our mission. We released our first diagnostic three months ago, and it is 100% reimbursable by Medicaid as well as other major insuranceContinue reading “Interviewing Innovators: A Liquid Biopsy with Dr. Oguzhan Atay, CEO, BillionToOne”

Interviewing Innovators: Gym for the Brain! Neurotech with Wearable Sensing President Dr. Walid Soussou

“We all share global similarities in the brain while maintaining individual differences.” Dr. Walid Soussou

We believe a revolution in brain health is coming.

Our innovation is a wearable sensor that provide clear signals of brain activity.

Interviewing Innovators: PIPE dreams with Patricia. AI meets public VC. Student VC Principal Ashkan Mapar

Age is just a number.  We built this AI algorithm and upended VC sourcing.  SPECIALTIES: Calculus for Engineering, Investing, VC EDUCATION: UCSD BA International Business (2021) Meet Ashkan: Ashkan Mapar is a Principal with Triton Funds, a $25M student-run public company VC firm.  Ashkan is also currently a junior at UC San Diego, studying internationalContinue reading “Interviewing Innovators: PIPE dreams with Patricia. AI meets public VC. Student VC Principal Ashkan Mapar”

Interviewing Innovators: Reaching for the Stars with Dr. Pavel Bystricky

– Nanotechnology meets materials science – “Skiing and Love led me to materials innovation!” – Dr Pavel Bystricky,   Innovator: Dr Pavel Bystricky, CTO American BoroniteExpertise: Nanotubes, nanotechnology, composites, metals and smart materialsIdea: Super strong and light conductive and insulating materials Meet Pavel: PhD, Materials Science, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMS, Materials Science-Metallurgy, INP – GPM2Continue reading “Interviewing Innovators: Reaching for the Stars with Dr. Pavel Bystricky”

Interviewing Innovators: Novelty Search with Dr. Radhika Dirks

“It is human nature to be searching for novelty. Novelty Search (a cool new type of AI) mirrors evolution and innovation. Humans always figure a way out of where we are: out of dystopia and out of utopia! We were bound to find our way into space.  We are explorers at heart!” – Dr. RadhikaContinue reading “Interviewing Innovators: Novelty Search with Dr. Radhika Dirks”

Interviewing Innovators

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is a series of interviews with innovators exploring the reflexivity between science, technology and humanity: What their technology breakthroughs have taught the innovators about humanity & intelligence, What these breakthroughs have leveraged from advances in science, and What they in turn have decoded aboutContinue reading “Interviewing Innovators”

Why Interview Innovators?

Discover, right along with me, who powers this great country: innovators inspired to discover and invent the latest breakthroughs. One innovator at a time… I have had a career of interviewing top technologists and wanted to share insights as I learn them from innovators on the cutting edge. These innovators incredible, and their breakthroughs provideContinue reading “Why Interview Innovators?”